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What is the recommended air duct cleaning procedure?

Most experts in Air Duct Cleaning Fremont do not have specific step by step procedures to follow. However, there are cleaning requirements that have to be met to ensure proper cleaning. First, the grills need to be cleaned. Next, the ducts have to be secured by duct tapes to prevent them from falling apart as they are being cleaned. Additionally, the air duct filter should be replaced if it has already accumulated dust and dirt.

How do I find air duct leaks or damages?

Leaks can be located through visual inspection as well as by finding the source of irregular sound and heat (or cold). To find leaks more easily, it is advisable to do it while the air conditioner or heating system is running. Some use pressurized air blown into the ducts while covering the open ends to quickly locate the leaking portion. For straight ducts, you can also make use of light. By illuminating the insides of a duct, the leak or hole becomes visible.

Is it possible for pests to infest the air ducts?

This is highly unlikely since the ducts are made from materials that cannot serve as food to insects or rodents. Besides, they do not offer much of a shelter. However, if a house has an infestation, the pests can use the duct system for moving around and this way, contaminate it. The risk is higher in case of duct leaks.

How do air filters with chemical coating work?

The chemical coating works to kill all kinds of pathogens which are trapped by the filter when air is circulated via the HVAC system. The list includes mold spores, germs and often even viruses. In general, the coating is made to be completely safe for people including those who are more sensitive such as allergy sufferers. If you decide to go for this kind of air filter, confirm that it has a high-efficiency rating.

When should air duct cleaning be performed?

There is no general rule that fixes a particular time for cleaning the air duct. However, it is preferable for you to clean air ducts just before an upgrade or right after new systems are installed into the ductwork. These are the two times when you can really explore the duct and remove all the contaminants that have clogged up in there since the initial installation.


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