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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

People’s limited free time and the great progress of technology have resulted to the production of improved appliances,

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

On Internet, you can have access to the information about the various service providers for air duct cleaning and other air quality maintenance services.

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HVAC Unit Cleaning

HVAC Unit Cleaning

Our HVAC unit cleaning services are designed to deliver effective and long-lasting results, all while using the best equipment and materials. Find out more information here. 

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Expand your air duct cleaning knowledge with these tips!

Whether you are new to air duct cleaning or you have some basic knowledge about it, you will certainly find the following tips on the topic to be extremely useful. They are easy to read and follow. Read on and learn how you can make the environment in your home healthier.

Cleaning and disinfecting coils

Mold growth is one of the problems that you may face with your HVAC system and air ducts. According to Air Duct Cleaning Fremont experts, this can lower the efficiency of your system and it can also cause the air quality to deteriorate. Clean and disinfect coils with a half water and half bleach solution. Make sure to turn off your main power source before doing this.

Best air duct cleaning methods

It's always good to get educated about the methods that are used for cleaning. Professional cleaners use a vacuum that can effectively remove dirt from your air ducts or special equipment that could scrape dirt stuck on the walls of the air ducts and remove it through a vacuum. Anything that uses steaming should be avoided.

Choose the right new ducts

Whether you choose sheer metal or fiberglass air ducts, make sure they are properly sealed during installation and do not neglect their insulation. As our technicians explain, ducts are installed in humid areas inside the house and if they are not well insulated, you will be dealing with energy loss.

Duct tape is the worst material for sealing air duct leaks

While it may stick well to the smooth surface of the ductwork, this material is quite thin and porous too. This means that a great amount of air can run through it freely. Besides, the adhesive has a very short life. It will get dry extremely quickly and the duct tape will simply peel off. A specially designed sealant is the best material to use.

Clean the condenser unit with a vacuum and a garden hose

Add the soft brush attachment and use the vacuum to remove leaves, grass and other debris from the exterior fins of the unit. Move gently to avoid bending the fins. After removing the fan, you can clean the fins from the inside out using a garden house. Keep the pressure fairly low to protect the fins.

The fewer elbows a dryer vent has the better

The elbows slow down the flow of exhaust air and are more likely to trap lint compared to the perfectly smooth and flat sections of the vent. This is how they make the dryer much less efficient. It will need more time to dry the clothes and therefore use more energy to run. Furthermore, dryer vent cleaning will be required more often.

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